Improve Your Spelling: Frequently Misspelled Words (1)

Improve Your Spelling: Frequently Misspelled Words (1)

List below contains words which in my experience are most frequently misspelled. There are, of course, many reasons why words are spelled wrongly.

Check Table below for some examples:

Wrong Spelling Correct Spelling Reason for mistake
accomodate accommodate two cs, two ms
acheive achieve i before e
accross across one c
agressive aggressive two gs
apparantly apparently -ent not -ant
appearence appearance ends with -ance
arguement argument no after the u
basicly basically ends with -ally
begining beginning double n before the -ing
beleive, belive believe i before e
bizzare bizarre one z, double -r
buisness business begins with busi-
calender calendar -ar not -er
collegue colleague -ea- in the middle
comming coming one m
commitee committee double m, double t, double e
completly completely ends with -ely
concious conscious -sc- in the middle
curiousity curiosity -os- in the middle
definately definitely -ite- not –ate-
dilemna dilemma -mm- not -mn-
dissapear disappear one s, two ps
dissapoint disappoint one s, two ps
embarass embarrass two rs, two s’s
enviroment environment n before the m
existance existence ends with -ence
familar familiar ends with -iar
finaly finally two ls
foriegn foreign e before i
forseeable foreseeable begins with fore-
fourty forty begins with for-
foward forward begins with for-
futher further begins with fur-
glamourous glamorous -mor- in the middle
goverment government n before the m
gaurd guard begins with gua-
happend happened ends with -ened
harrass, harrassment harass, harassment one r, two s’s

There is no easy way to improve your spelling.

You just have to learn them diligently.


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