Improve Your Spelling: Frequently Misspelled Words (2)

Improve Your Spelling: Frequently Misspelled Words (2)

List below contains words which in my experience are most frequently misspelled. There are, of course, many reasons why words are spelled wrongly.

Check Table below for some examples:

Wrong Spelling Correct Spelling Reason for mistake
immediatly immediately ends with -ely
incidently incidentally ends with -ally
independant independent ends with -ent
interupt interrupt two rs
irresistable irresistible ends with -ible
knowlege knowledge remember the d
liase, liason liaise, liaison remember the second iliais-
lollypop lollipop i in the middle
neccessary necessary one c, two s’s
noticable noticeable remember the middle e
ocassion, occassion occasion two cs, one s
occured, occuring occurred, occurring two cs, two rs
occurance, occurence occurrence two cs, two rs, -ence not -ance
persistant persistent ends with -ent
pharoah pharaoh ends with -aoh
peice piece i before e
politican politician ends with -cian
posession possession two s’s in the middle and two at the end
prefered, prefering preferred, preferring two rs
propoganda propaganda begins with propa-
publically publicly ends with –cly
realy really two ls
recieve receive e before i
refered, refering referred, referring two rs
religous religious ends with -gious
rember, remeber remember -mem- in the middle
resistence resistance ends with -ance
sence sense ends with -se
seperate separate -par- in the middle
seige siege i before e
succesful successful two cs, two s’s
supercede supersede ends with -sede
suprise surprise begins with sur-
tatoo tattoo two ts, two os
tendancy tendency ends with -ency
therefor therefore ends with -fore
threshhold threshold one h in the middle
tommorow, tommorrow tomorrow one m, two rs
tounge tongue begins with ton-, ends with -gue
truely truly no e
unforseen unforeseen remember the e after the r
unfortunatly unfortunately ends with -ely
untill until one l at the end
wierd weird e before i
whereever wherever one e in the middle

There is no easy way to improve your spelling.

You just have to learn them diligently.


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